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100 Thieves Hoodie Org WINS LCS Championship | 202DC

4 Views· 02 Sep 2021
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After 100 Thieves made history and won the LCS, owner Nadeshot just had one response: A picture of the LCS winning 100 Thieves team captioned “HOODIE ORG, WE F---ING DID IT!”

100 Thieves has often been knocked as putting their merch and content before their esports, with ENVY owner Hastr0 famously calling them out for selling hoodies but not winning events. Well, recent weeks have probably put an end to the idea of 100 Thieves as a hoodie org, with 100 Thieves qualifying for Valorant Masters Berlin in the VCT, and now Thieves have just won the LCS.

Courage, the 100 Thieves co-owner, may have put it best when he tweeted that it was arguably the proudest day in 100 Thieves history, saying they now had world class apparel, world class content, and world class esports. And it’s especially powerful coming from courage, who had that brutal back and forth with ENVY and Hastr0 over the whole hoodie org jab.

So now that 100 Thieves is qualified for Berlin Masters Valorant, and has won the LCS in League of Legends, have they finally put an end to the hoodie org jabs? Nadeshot and Courage definitely think so, and if they keep racking up these huge Valorant and League of Legends wins, we would have to agree.

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