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Discovering D.C’s Best Hotels and Local Restaurants | 202DC

Published on 08 Jan 2021 / In Food / Restaurants

There’s a lot more to Washington DC than meets the eye. As our nation’s capital, this city is packed to the brim with awesome culture. I got a personal tour by my guide Annifreed around some of the city’s top bucket-list spots. Mixing up the old and the new, we made our way through the Eighth Street Quarter to check out Union Kitchen, a reimagined Jewish market that’s now an ultra-hip modern eatery.

Then it was a DC institution, Ben’s Chili, a beloved restaurant and personal favorite of President Obama that was a safe haven to the city’s civil rights movement in the 60s. I got a taste of their world-famous pork-beef sausage and it did not disappoint! After trying one of Maketto’s VERY RARE Cambodian beers, it was time to walk it off through a few top hotels. 4,000 foot presidential suites that cost $15,000 to rent and $150,000 bottles of scotch? And Watergate’s eclectic modern renovation? It’s all here. Thanks, DC!

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